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More important than jumping ahead of the line and signing up early is to REALLY make sure that this teaching method resonates with you and suites your learning style. And that's precisely why I've kept these videos long and packed with content. Because I want you to register with complete confidence.

Furthermore, I have tried my best to make the free workshop valuable in and of itself. So I encourage you to watch all the videos within the free workshop. Regardless of whether you choose to invest in the premium program or not, you WILL get a great education just by watching the free videos inshallah.

Of course I seriously want you to join. Here's a comment from just one of our satisfied students. You can access the original comment form under video one in the workshop and even get in touch with the sister!

I'm adding a few more just so it doesn't seem we singled hers out. There are A LOT more but I think you'll get the point. This is the real deal!

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