Get Lifetime Access to Live Classes In Exchange For Submitting Just 6 Months Of Tuition!

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  • I understand that I am agreeing to submit roughly 6 months worth of tuition ($797) and in return, I'll be getting lifetime access to ALL live classes. This includes both the first and second years of the program. Given that, on average, second year students do year 2 at least twice and standard second year tuition is $139/month, the value here easily exceeds $3336.00.
  • I understand that as soon as I submit payment, my username will be tagged with a "Lifetime to live classes" tag and I will receive an email telling me which classes are currently in session so I can choose to join any or as many classes as I'd like.
  • I understand that life-time access to the live classes is a relatively new offering. And although this may become a standard option in the future, the $797 tuition price is only valid until the end of this promotion. In fact, once the timer at the top of this page hits zero, the price WILL rise to $997 in light of the new Hadith Studies component.
  • I understand that these live sessions will Keep Me Motivated. They will ensure that I follow through with all of the resources at the portal, and most importantly, these classes will give me repeated opportunities to prepare and read unvoweled classical texts in a live classroom environment. Even when not participating, I'll have good reason to "spend time with the book" before attending the sessions - something often missing from self-paced study when relying on recordings.
  • I know that without this kind of preparation before attending the classes, live interaction and the course corrections, my chances of attaining Complete Mastery and Independence are slim to none.
  • IMPORTANT: With this upgrade I will be entitled to 6 weeks of Tafsir per year, every year, for life. The next start date is Saturday, February 16. I understand that tafsir of the entire Quran (offered throughout the entire year) is something you have recently started and it is beyond the scope of the 2 year program. For this reason, at the end of 6 weeks, I can either choose to register separately for that, or just hold back until next year and in the meantime, focus on Hidayah an-Nahw and other classes within the 2 year program.
  • I have a VERY Strong Desire to learn the Arabic language and I am really excited about it.