High Level Tafsir is a twelve week online class specifically designed for Muslims who are learning the Arabic language as it relates to our spiritual studies.

During this class, here's what you'll discover:

  • Be exposed to the most wondrous aspects of Qur’anic expression without being overwhelmed by complicated scholarly discussions.
  • Learn to incorporate Nahw and Balagha benefits right into the very translation so you can truly appreciate the impact of what’s being said.
  • Follow along as I draw predominantly from the best of what’s contained within Al-Aloosi and al-Baydhawi so you don’t have to scour through volumes and rule out weaker interpretations to arrive at the intended meanings.
  • Gain incredible amounts of knowledge through sessions that are so simplified that even beginner and intermediate students who’ve only been studying the language for a few months should have no trouble appreciating 95% of what’s being taught!
  • …and much, MUCH more.



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