"You've Mastered The Core Of How The Language Works... Now Become An Expert In Understanding Qur'anic Tafsir For Yourself"



YES! I'd Like To Join High Level Tafsir ($137/Month)


YES! I'd Like To Join High Level Tafsir ($399/3 Months)

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In Surah Saad verse 29, Allah (SWT) tells us, "This is a book which we have sent down to you, full of blessings, so that they may ponder over its verses and that those of understanding may remember." (38:29)

Understanding the linguistic beauties and miracles of the Qu’ran, studying its injunctions and benefitting from its guidance is why many of us study Arabic in the first place.  And undoubtedly, that is the reason you registered for Shariah Program’s 2 year course in Classical Arabic.

You can now take your understanding to an unprecedented new level…

…and not only piece together the Arabic, but fully grasp the intended Message.

 Have you ever felt the Qur’an speaking directly to your heart? Have tears rolled over your cheeks and fallen onto your raised palms as you quivered in reverence to the Miracle? Have you ever desired such an intense relationship with the Words of Allah?

If so, you’re ready to join this brand NEW High Level Tafsir program designed to take you from elementary Arabic understanding to mastery in the Qur’anic sciences.

As you know, I’ve spent more than 18 years of my life dedicated to creating and continuously refining an Arabic program that takes current language learning pedagogy and turns it completely on its head. That’s because I know how to take extremely complicated material and synthesize it in a way that even a complete beginner can understand.

And that’s exactly what I’ve done with this Tafsir program! You no longer have to scour through volumes of books or worse, turn to the internet for understanding on Qur’anic verses.

You’ll have it all done for you - clearly, concisely and correctly.

Register NOW for classes beginning THIS weekend, Sunday December 2nd.

FAQ about the new High Level Tafsir Program

  • q-iconWhat are the class timings and will recordings be available if we're unable to attend?

    The live Tafsir classes are on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 am – 11:30 am EST. Oftentimes, I’ll go a full 2 hours or more to properly complete a section, so its best to allot at least that much time for the class.

    Prior to the class, Sr. Asma will send you a detailed email letting you know what I’ll be covering and afterwards, she’ll send you the recording.

    The first class is this Sunday December 2nd.

  • q-iconDoes my Shariah Program membership cover this new offering?

    High Level Tafsir is a completely new program and we’re allowing current students of the Shariah Program the first enrollment opportunity. Down the road, we’ll allow other madrasa students the chance to join as well.

    HLT is beyond the scope of the 2 year Arabic course and is not included in your lifetime membership to the Shariah Program.

    Register before the deadline at midnight on Saturday December 1st.

  • q-iconThere was some mention of a bonus if I register before the deadline. What was that?

    That’s correct!

    We’ll send you all the Mp4 downloadable recordings of 5 Juz of the Qur’an (Surah Yunus to Surah al Kahf). You’ll be able to go through them at your own pace rewatch them anytime.

  • q-iconI'm interested in attending now, but not sure if I can make a commitment to attend all the classes until the full Tafsir of the Qur'an is complete. What are my options?

    Your registration does not lock you in for the full 3 years that it will take to complete the Tafsir of the Qur’an. You’re only required to commit to 6 months at which point we’ll finish another 5 Juz of the Qur’an. Along with the bonus 5 Juz, that will be a third of the Qur’an that’s yours to keep and review as much as you’d like.

    If you’d like to continue on this blessed journey with us after 6 months, you’ll just continue paying the monthly tuition fee.

  • q-iconI'm yearning to do this, but with full time work and a family to care for, I don't have the extra time to put into these studies.

    We know that its everyone’s desire to understand the Qur’an, but not everyone can take a few years off of work or school and enroll in a full time program.

    The goal with HLT is to give you the same high level of mastery in Tafsir as you’ve come to expect from us regarding the teaching of Arabic.

    And that’s based on studying the RIGHT things instead of a LOT of things.

    Since you’re already a student of the Shariah Program, you know exactly what i’m talking about ;-)

    Register NOW to join HLT beginning this Sunday.

If you'd prefer to be billed every 3 months at a time instead of monthly, feel free to choose the second option below. Either way, there is a 20% DISCOUNT built into the pricing below. The tuition amount will rise to $167 a month once this offer has expired at midnight on Saturday, December 1st.


YES! I'd Like To Join High Level Tafsir ($137/Month)


YES! I'd Like To Join High Level Tafsir ($399/3 Months)