"Breakthrough Toronto Event Covers How To Master The Core of How The Language Works In Only 5 Days... So You Can Understand LENGTHY Verses of The Qur'an Before The Event Is Even Over"



Qur'anic Arabic Intensive - Toronto, ON (Dec 26-30, 2016)

The Shariah Program, Mufti Yusuf Mullan’s powerfully effective Arabic learning platform is excited to announce a week long Quranic Arabic Intensive this December.  This short course is the first of its kind in North America enabling students of any level to jump start their studies in the blessed language.  As thousands of his former students would testify, Mufti Yusuf has mastered the sciences of teaching as well as Arabic.  In a few short days, you will learn how the language works, how the majority of meanings come from patterns, vowels and grammatical structures and how to apply this knowledge to gaining quick and comprehensive access to the Glorious Qur’an.

The event will be held from Monday, December 26 through Friday, December 30 at the Islamic Foundation of Toronto (Nugget Masjid). The standard tuition is $139 Canadian per person for the entire 5 days and includes one meal a day as well as study materials.

This course is well suited for students of knowledge from all backgrounds.  Whether you are a complete beginner, have studied some Arabic, or you teach it now, you will gain immense benefit from the unique methodology.  Of course, if you’re just looking for a really fun yet productive way to spend your winter holidays, you’re welcome to join us too!

Use the registration link below to join Mufti Yusuf for a full week of academically enlightening and spiritually invigorating knowledge.  He hasn’t conducted a live class like this in years, and the last time he did, people traveled from all over North America and even Europe!

Jump start your Qur’anic Arabic studies and understand for yourself why Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’aala says “Indeed we made the Qu’ran easy to understand and remember.” (54:17)

The Tuition For This 5 Day Event Is Only $139 CAD $119 CAD. This Includes Daily Meals And Also Course Materials.

We know this will prove to be a life changing event inshallah.

  • Q.Is there any family discount available?

    A.Yes. For less than $240 CAD ($178 USD) an entire family can attend. This could be as many as 5 or even 8 members. Just select the family option on the order page and then email us and let us know how many people we should expect!

  • Q.I heard that you're allowing madrasa students free access to the entire event. Is that true?

    A.Indeed it is. If you are studying at an Islamic institution (such as Jami’ah Abu Bakr) as part of an ‘Alim or ‘Alimah program anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area, please do not proceed to the order page!

    Email us at helpdesk@shariahprogram.ca instead. Barakallah feek

  • Q.I'm planning to drive/fly in from out of town. Are you helping with hotel accomodations.

    A.Yes. Please proceed with registration. We are in contact with a nearby hotel and are in the process of negotiating discount pricing for our attendees.

    However, please keep in mind that this event is occurring during the last week of the year in the biggest masjid in the city. We won’t be able to hold down hotel rooms for more than a few days.

  • Q.Why is this event so inexpensive?

    A.In the spirit of full disclosure, the goal behind the event is to expose the maximum number of people to this unique teaching methodology. And of course, to actually teach a great deal of material in a very short time.

    If we’re successful in reaching our objectives, many attendees will naturally want to sign up for our main 2 year online program. As such, we’re keeping the cost for this 5 day event to an absolute minimum to simply cover venue and food expenses.